Courses Offered in ZICA Bhubaneswar

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PDP in Film Making Visual Effects (24 Months)

  • Module - 1 (Fundamental of Art, Design & Computer Graphics) - 6 Months
    Introduction, Fundamentals of Art, Computer Graphics by using Adobe Photoshop, Principles of Design, Perspective, Color Theory, Storyboard, Film Making, Prepare Short film, Examination
  • Module - 2 (3D Animation) - 6 Months
    Modelling by using Maya, Texturing (Maya), Basic Lighting, Rigging, 3D Character Animation, Assignments and Project, Examination
  • Module - 3 (Dynamics & Visual Effects) - 6 Months
    Dynamics, Maya Tech Animation, Liquid Simulation (RealFlow), Digital Compositing - 1 (Adobe After Effects), Element 3D

After FX Plugin, Digital 2D Tracking (Mocha), Assignments and Project, Examination

  • Module - 4 (Advanced Visual Effects, Tracking and AR VR) - 6 Months
    Digital Compositing - 2 (Nuke), Digital Compositing - 3

(Fusion), PFTrack, Tracking (3D Equalizer), Digital Compositing - 4(SilhouetteFX), AUGMENTED AND VIRTUAL REALITY

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Project, Examination

Professional Program in Visual Effect (12 Months)

  • Module - 1 (Fundamental of Design, Computer Graphics & Film Making) (3.5 Months)
    History of VFX Films, Principles of Design, Computer Graphics by using Adobe Photoshop, Photography, Digital Film Making, Video Editing by Premiere, Audio Editing by Audition, Assignments and Practice
  • Module - 2 (Introduction to 3D Animation by using MAYA) (2.5 Months)
    Modelling by using Maya, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, 3D Animation, Examination (Module 1 & 2)
  • Module - 3 (Dynamics & Tech Animation) (1.5 Months)
    Dynamics, Maya Tech Animation
  • Module - 4 (Visual Effects & Tracking) (4.5 Months)
    Digital Compositing - 1 (After Effects), Digital Compositing - 2 (Nuke), Digital Compositing – 3 (SilhouetteFX), Tracking(3D Equalizer), Examination (Module 3 & 4)

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