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Program in Digital Photography (3 Months)

Program in Digital Photography (3 Months)
History, Digital Camera, Camera Lenses, Photography Components, Digital Photo Editing, Post Photography session, Presentation and Assessment


History & Invention in Photography,Basics of Digital Camera,Detailed Digital Photography,Camera types and Accessories,Caring for your Camera and Photos,Range and Exposures,Digital Cameras,Camera Lenses,,,Lens Characteristics,Camera Lens Filters,Lenses and Optics,Various features of Digital Photography,,,Techniques and Styles,,,,,Exposure and Light Metering,Composition and Learning How to See,,,,,,Lighting Techniques,,,,,,,Depth of Field and Aperture Control,Action and Motion in Photography and Controlling the Shutter Speeds,Photographer Research,Studio Lighting for Portraiture and Still Life Photography,Self Portraits,,On and Off Camera Flash Photography,Candid Photography and Capturing the Decisive Moment,Studio Strobe Lighting Techniques,Learning Adobe Photoshop and Light room,Image Files,Post photography techniques,Tones and Contrast,Sharpening and Details,Photoshop Techniques,Image Stacking and Multiple Exposures,Photo Stitching and Digital Panoramas,Specialty Techniques,,Re-create a Photograph,Blending Art and Photography,,Colour Management and Printing,The Lab,Portfolio Presentation, and Exhibiting Work

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