Best Training Institute with Career Opportunities in VFX, Animation and Design in Bhubaneswar.

Published By: ZICA BHUBANESWAR | Month: February, 2019

Time and again students reach out to counselors seeking tips on preparing for admission into a design college or for guidance on selecting the right... stream/college. ‘Which stream to take up’, is always a big question. Every stream of design has a great career possibility today. Ever since a decade back only a handful of Indian colleges have taught design. Design being still a relatively new field for India, parents have little or no idea of how to choose this stream or a college for their ward. Design as a career, appears glitzy and yet tactical at the same time to aspiring students or their parents, who don’t know where to place a designer in the industry. Presently, It simply does not appear to make sense in the conventional business hierarchy, But with the advent of ‘digital’ when the world is looking for Autonomous Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, designers (the doers and the thinkers) would find their role increasingly in the center of attention, to make sense of technology in the ‘humanized’ way. When it comes to employing, a creative designer is highly sought after. A good designer has the career option of choosing to go into web designing, game designer, filmmaking, being an animator, or VFX expert. Unlike conventional engineering, testing a design doing or design thinking skill is relatively easy. It also shows in the portfolio a person brings in. Zee Institue of Creative Art, located at Bhubaneswar, with its state-of-the-art infrastructure, gives practical training in 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Live Action, Imaging, VFX & Gaming, covering the various stages of Visualisation, Pre-production, Production, Post-production. We also offer learning programmes for Digital photography, Filmmaking Visual Effects, Animation visual effects, Photo realistic design, Visual graphics, Graphic design, Augmented Reality(AR) and Visual Reality(VR), web design and development, digital design & marketing, interior design. We offer our students the best available application softwares to learn and encourage them to bring their own imagination to life. The creative softwares we provide include, but are not limited to, AutoDesk Maya, AutoDesk 3ds Max, AutoDesk MotionBuilder, AutoDesk Arnold, Silhouette FX, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe XD, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Dimension, Adobe Soundbooth, Adobe Muse, Adobe Dreamweaver, Vuforia, Unity, Foundry Nuke and more. As an add-on we also train students in Google ARCore, Google Analytics 360, Google Ads, Hubspot, mailchimp, HTML 5 and CSS 3, PHP, Bootstrap, JAVASCRIPT, AngularJS, Joomla and WordPress Development. These advanced skills will equip 'future technical experts', and help them to step forward with a new perspective on leading in this ever upgrading digital age. ZICA Students are assured of creative exposure with a healthy mix of theory and practical sessions, delivered with the right amalgamation of Art and Technology, under the supervision of in-house experienced faculties and industry experts from India and Abroad. Students are regularly imparted sessions from industry professionals, and veterans, and with advice directly from an employer's perspective which provides a clear structure and progression route through the program. They help students to grow their skills and enhance confidence, and bridge the gap between education and employment. Design, as a profession has a bright future globally. Design education standards are patchy in India. Some colleges are world class and others are struggling to make sense of the basics. Preparing for design entrance, needs no special coaching. Walls between different streams are becoming more and more fluid and there is new knowledge evolving every day with the changing technological landscape. Opportunities lie ahead for those, who seek them.

How to become a Multimedia Designer | Zee Institute of Creative Art, Bhubaneswar

Published By: ZICA BHUBANESWAR | Month: March, 2019

Program in Multimedia: A career in Multimedia ranges from a variety of job descriptions like Graphic Designer, Audio and Video editor, Web Designer and Illustrator, Social media Content Developer,Marketing Communications Designer to list a few. .... Entry-level career optionsin multimedia include Graphic Design, Web Design, Architectural walk-through, Audio and Video editing. ZICA Bhubaneswar helps students choose multimedia as a successful career option by enabling them with the skills and knowledge necessary to face the many challenges of an ever-changing industry. ZICA's Multimedia program equips you with the skill and expertise needed to creatively design, produce, and present artistic solutions to unique problems through communications,technology and media. You are sure to find this program valuable if you want to design multimedia presentations, visual content for social media applications or enrich yourself with a thorough understanding of web design. Program Content: Here we teach students how to efficiently strengthen the craft of multimedia designing by ensuring the grasp of the students on the various modules of the program beginning with the Fundamental of Computer & Basic drawing and proceed further. We then gradually educate and train students on Design & Illustration Concept, Computer Graphics, Matte Paint, Logo design, Magazine Cover, Advertisement, Printing Techniques, Page Layout for Newspaper, Brochure Design, Digital Layout Design, Digital 2D Animation, Web Layout, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation and Rendering. ZICA students are able to integrate ethical principles and various elements of design and interactive graphics for various assignments, thusstrengthening their technical prowess and problem-solving techniques. They are directed on how to design solutions and develop problem-solving strategies by making efficient use of current designs, production and delivery technologies. This is appended withknow-how of evaluating and selecting illustrative layouts from various vectors and responsive images as animations, effectively for web-based solutions over multiple devices. We provide students with a healthy mix of theory and practical sessions, under the supervision of in-house experienced faculties and industry experts from India and Abroad. Softwares We Use: Here at ZICABbsr, we believe in arming our students for future jobs, so we use the best software to educate students. Some technologies we use are; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects, Autodesk 3Ds Max, CorelDraw. Students are expected to use corresponding relevant technology, good communication skills, scientific inquiry, quantitative thinking and critical reasoning to solve practical problems. They are encouraged to collaborate with other students to achieve a common goal by demonstrating ethical and professional conduct in day-to-day behaviour. The program blends creativity and technology in right and just amounts, providing individuals with the opportunity to become certified professionals. (Conclusion:) Students are allowed regular interaction session with industry professionals, and veterans, and with inputs directly from an employer's perspective which provides a clear structure and progression route throughout the program. This helps students to grow their skills, enhance confidence, thereby, bridging the gap between education and employment. ZICA also provides a variety of career opportunities for students interested in 2D Animation, 3D Animation, covering the stages of Visualisation, Pre-Production, production and Post-Production, Visual Effects and Gaming, Digital Marketing, Digital Photography, etc.ZICA BBSR is committed to train and provide quality education to students and empower them with the skills they need to succeed in Multimedia. Opportunities lie ahead for those who seek them.